Thursday, April 11, 2013


So now that I've finished my 30 days of (semi) paleo, what do I plan to do next? Well, I definitely don't plan to go back to the way I was eating! I've already known how good paleo makes me feel, and I want to hold on to that feeling, so I'm now going to try to make it a lifestyle that sticks in my life. This means I'm going to still stay off potatoes, rice and other grains, but if I really really want to cheat, I'm going to get it over with. There's no use postponing something that I can quickly get rid of just by eating something carby. That said, I am going to minimize the amount of times I cheat so that I don't get those cravings. And if I do cheat, I'm not going to go on a downward spiral of SAD food.

I also plan to implement exercise into my life, by the way of jumping rope and doing Burpees. I think this will help me get a bit more fit and help me feel better.

As for the blog, I've decided not to update with what I eat everyday, but only do that when I cheat, so that I have to tell everyone. Otherwise, I'm going to post links I've found and other useful information, like recipes.

So, here's what I though of the last 30 days:

I started out weighing 132 lbs, roughly. I weighed myself yesterday morning and I was at 129, so yay! I didn't set a goal for how much weight I wanted to lose, so I'm glad for that. I feel like I may lose inches next, but maybe even gain weight in muscle. But that's okay.

I've found that I don't really crave rice. Maybe some sushi, but I haven't had any so whatever. Rice makes me sleepy for some reason. I'm not actually sure if it's that or the sugar in the dishes I had with rice, but I do feel like it made me sleepy. So it's not really that worth it to eat it, if it's just going to make me sleepy.

But I feel like now I don't even want rice with a lot of the stuff I used to. Like Hibachi Grill. I used to want rice or noodles with that, but I'm perfectly fine with just zucchini and meat. 

I have craved fries a lot! Not necessarily potatoes, but nice crispy fries. I did have some mashed potatoes (not real potatoes even, just flakes!) and they didn't really have any affect on me that I can remember. I also had sweet potato fries, which are good, but don't taste anything like real french fries. They're a good substitute however.

I have craved wheat. I keep thinking about all the amazing stuff I could have, but right now, I don't want to cheat, even though I just finished a challenge. I think that ought to count for something. :)

I also found it easier to keep my carbs under 100g when the only thing really carby was fruit.

I don't know what else to say about the challenge other than I feel good! And that when I think back to how I felt before, I feel gross.

Now, onto the next 30 days:

I am going to keep eating paleo, trying not to eat potatoes or rice, but most of all wheat, and I'd like to go 30 days without cheating once, because I think that'd be cool. However, I don't want to do Whole30. :/ I just don't think it's for me.

So hopefully you're okay with the change. I think it'll be good for this blog, so I can keep it up, but not really post everyday. It will be easier for me, anyway. And who knows, I may post everyday, or every other day. It depends.

Well, I look forward to "seeing" you soon, and I'm off on another 30 days! In 30 days (May 10th) I'll write another summary! :)


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